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4 Inch Capic Retrofit LED Downlight


The Capic 4 inch LED downlight is 120V AC tric dimmable, delivering up to 650lm@3000K, 72lm per watt. Using just one-fifth of the energy used by comparable incandescent lamps. Capic 4 inch downlight is replacement of most 4 inch recessed downlights, using up to a 65 watt incandescent bulb and 18W CFL, in existing IC or non-IC housings. With a wet location rating and commercial ENERGY STAR qualification, this product is ideal for use in many residential and light commercial applications with E26 and GU24 base.


The produvt light source is LM80 approved,high efficient and low thermal resustance. This product enables color management to preserve high color consistency over the life of the life of the product , with a CRI of at least 80 and SDCM ≦5 while maintaining high luminous efficacy

Consteuction & Materials

  • For thermal managemenr sysyem we choose durable upper housing to protect LEDs, driver,fast conduct the heat and transmit to outside. LED case temperature and junction temperature stay below specified maximum even and non-insulated ceilings.
  • Suitable for insulated and non-insulated ceilings
  • PC diffuser produce even and soft light beam.

Optical System

  • Unique combination of refle ctive and refractive optical components achieves a uniform, comfortable appearance whith elimination pixilation and color fringing. This ensures smooth light patterns are projected with no hot spots and minimal striations.
  • Diffiusing lens shields direct view of LEDs while lower reflector balances brightness of with the ceiling to create a low-glare high angle appearance, the glare cut is over 30degree.
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