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Jade 6 Inch Surface Mount LED Downlight


Jade is a 6" surface and recessed mount downlight, delivering an uniform light beam, no shadow or dark in the middle or around the light. Available 9W, 11W, 15W, 100lm/W@3000K for 9W, 11W. 96lm/W@3000K for 15W. Jade can fit 4" and 5" junction boxes as well as 5" & 6" downlight housings.
Operating Temperature: -20~45°C, Storage Temperature: -20~70°C.


  • Adopt aluminum alloy as material, stamping process;
  • Unique appearance, beautiful design and gorgeous;
  • Excellent thermal management to ensure long lifetime of LED;
  • surface and recessed mount, delivering an uniform light beam, no shadow or dark in the middle or around the light;
  • High efficiency and energy-saving LED dirver;
  • Triac dimmable.

Technical parameters

Model CCT Color Lumen (lm) (±10%) Beam (angle) LED Type /Qty. Power (w) (±10%) Volta 96' Frequency CRI PF Dimming Type
SDR6-009-AL-850K 5000K White 968 100° 2835 48pcs 9 AC120V 60Hz >80 ≥0.9 Triac dimming
SDR6-009-AL-840K 4000K Neutral white 897
SDR6-009-AL-835K 3500k Warm white 934
SDR6-009-AL-830K 3000K Warm white 930
SDR6-009-AL-827K 2700K Warm white 874
SDR6-011-AL-850K 5000K white 1202 100° 2835 48pcs 11 AC120V 60Hz >80 ≥0.9 Triac dimming
SDR6-011-AL-840K 4000K Neutral white 1057
SDR6-011-AL-835K 3500K Warm white 1144
SDR6-011-AL-830K 3000k Warm white 1118
SDR6-011-AL-827K 2700K Warm white 1053
SDR6-015-AL-850K 5000K white 1583 100° 2835 15 AC120V 60Hz >80 ≥0.9 Triac dimming
SDR6-015-AL-840K 4000K Neutral white 1489
SDR6-015-AL-835K 3500k Warm white 1508
SDR6-015-AL-830K 3000K Warm white 1421
SDR6-015-AL-827K 2700K Warm white 1422


Suitable for hotel, corridor, home decoration, shopping mall, exhibition room,etc.

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