UL LED Troffer Light GLN


  • Visual uniformity
    The back-lit LED troffer can produce a very soft natural light and give a comfortable lighting envirnment with a radian cover.
  • LED efficiency
    High lumen LED efficacy, up to 100LM/W for cool white and natural white.
  • Luminaire construction
    Powder coat pained die-rolling iron housing, with fireproof juction box on the back for electronical connection, PC cover with milky color for lighting distribution.
  • Driver
    Universal voltage 100-277VAC with integral 0-10V dimming system,no flicker. For non-dimming requirements, do not connect to dimming control during installation.
  • Cost and energy saving
    -50% more energy saving effect than fluorescent tubes
    -low heat generation,extra energy saving effect through reduction of HVAC load.
    -Easy installation: only 3 steps in 2 minutes, labor cost saving
  • Long life time
    More than 50,000 hours life time and 5 years warranty.


Model CCT SIZE (feet) Color LED Type Lumen (lm) (±10%) CRI Beam angle Power (W) (±10%) Voltage (V) Dimmer Current (/A) PF
SC-GLN-040-AW-01CW 5000K 2*2 cool white 2835 4330 lm ≥80 110o 40W AC100-277V 50/60Hz 0-10V 0.5 >0.95
SC-GLN-040-AW-01NW 4000K 2*2 natural white 4305 lm ≥80 110o
SC-GLN-040-AW-01WW 3000K 2*2 warm white 3678lm ≥80 110o
SC-GLN-055-AW-01CW 5000K 2*4 cool white 2835 5486 lm ≥80 110o 55W AC100-277V 0-10V 0.5 >0.95
SC-GLN-055-AW-01 NW 4000K 2*4 nat ural w hite 5516lm ≥80 110o 50/60Hz
SC-GLN-055-AW-01WW 3000K 2*4 wa rm wh i te 4924 lm ≥80 110°
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