SL10075 LED Linear Light

  • SL10075 Linear light in single run
  • SL10075 Linear light in single run
  • SL10075 Linear light in single run


LED linear light is exclusively designed for designer and architect with imagination and personal style. LED linear light adopt premium aluminum profile, different dimension and size, easy to install. 3 types installation method: ceiling mounted type, suspended type and embedded type, and different customized dimensions are also acceptable, which can meet installation requirement of different fields and occasions.


  • Simple and modern design, screwless at end cap
  • Extrusion aluminum lamp boby and PC cover
  • Smooth and soft lighting effect, no dark dot and shadow at the lighting area
  • Various installation: Suspendent, ceiling and recessed
  • Three colors of lamp body, white, black and silver

Technical parameters

Model CCT LED Type Lumen(lm) (±10%) Power(W) (±10%) Length(feet) Voltage (V)
SC-SL10075-020-AW-A-01W 5000K 2056 20W 2 AC 100-277V 50/60Hz
SC-SL10075-020-AW-A-01NW 4000K 2835 2072 20W 2
SC-SL10075-020-AW-A-01WW 3000K 1955 20W 2
SC-SL10075-040-AW-A-01W 5000K 3905 40W 4 AC 100-277V 50/60Hz
SC-SL10075-040-AW-A-01NW 4000K 2835 3870 40W 4
SC-SL10075-040-AW-A-01WW 3000K 3664 40W 4
SC-SL10075-050-AW-A-01W 5000K 5264 50W 5 AC 100-277V 50/60Hz
SC-SL10075-050-AW-A-01NW 4000K 2835 5043 50W 5
SC-SL10075-050-AW-A-01WW 3000K 4986 50W 5
SC-SL10075-075-AW-A-01W 5000K 5264 75W 8 AC 100-277V 50/60Hz
SC-SL10075-075-AW-A-01NW 4000K 2835 5043 75W 8
SC-SL10075-075-AW-A-01WW 3000K 4986 75W 8
Beam angle PF CRI IP Life span Reflector
110° >0.95 >80 IP40 50000hrs Milky cover
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