J Series Square Panel Light


LED Square Panel Light. Using Light Guide Plate, it has the feature of uniform and smooth light beam, low glarerating, low light pollution, and excellent protection from eyestrain. It can be widely used as interior lighting in shops, supermarkets, malls and hospitals, etc


  • Visual uniformity
    The edge-lit LED panels blend with various ceiling details and produce soft natural light
  • Low glare lighting
    The edge mounted LEDs give even glare free special illumination. It produces a comfortable lighting environment.
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  • LED efficiency
    High lumen LED efficacy paired with high power factor drivers reduce operating cost.
  • Luminaire construction
    A powder coat painted extruded aluminum frame encompasses the perimeter of multi-layered acrylic panel system. The fireproof metal junction box is attached at the backside of the panel light.
  • Cost and energy saving
    50% more energy saving effect than fluorescent tubes.
    Low heat generation, extra energy saving effect through reduction of HVAC load.
    Easy installation: only 3 steps in 2 minutes, labor cost saving
    Around 9mm lamp body with very light weight, space and transportation cost saving
  • Long life time
    More than 50,000 hours life time and 5 years warranty.

Technical parameters

Model CCT SIZE (feet) Color LED Type Lumen (lm) (±10%) CRI Beam angle Power (W) (±10%) Voltage (V) Dimmer Current (A) PF
SC-PSCAWCE6060-J40W 5000K 2*2 cool white 4014 3845 lm >80 110° 40W AC120-277V
0-10V 0.5 >0.95
SC-PSCAWNE6060-J40W 4000K 2*2 natural white 3821 lm >80
SC-PSCAWWE6060-J40W 3000K 2*2 warm white 3330lm >80
SC-PSCAWCE3012-J40W 5000K 1*4 cool white 4014 3942lm >80 110° 40W AC120-277V
0-10V 0.5 >0.95
SC-PSCAWNE3012-J40W 4000K 1*4 natural white 3924 lm >80
SC-PSCAWWE3012-J40W 3000K 1*4 warm white 3190 lm >80
SC-PSCAWCE6012-J55W 5000K 2*4 cool white 4014 4958 lm >80 110° 55W AC120-277V
0-10V 0.5 >0.95
SC-PSCAWNE6012-J55W 4000K 2*4 natural white 5422 lm >80
SC-PSCAWWE6012-J55W 3000K 2*4 warm white 4705 lm >80
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