Ultra-slim Flood Light

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Flood light series light up the future of industry energy-saving lighting in world. This light save energy at least 50% compared to high intensity discharge lamp, and it also reduce maintenance cost and carbon emission. The flood light is combined with LED cutting-edge technology and unique optical design to reach lighting effect equal to other traditional lighting source.


  • Adopt waterproof design, no adhesive to cause leakage of aging, easy to disassemble;
  • Die-casting aluminum alloy lamp body, high toughened glass cover; solid and durable; corrosion-proof;
  • High efficiency thermal management, LEDs and power supply work in low temperature, and high stability of continuous operating.
  • Can on-off frequently, no flicker and glare; high CRI; Compact appearance, novel design, easy to install and transport.
  • Compact appearance, novel design, convenient to install and transport

Technical parameters

Model CCT Color Lumen(lm) (±10%) LED Type LED Qty. CRI Beam angle Power(w) (±10%) Voltage, Frequency PF
FL-010-AW-W-S-10 5000K White 920 COB 1pcs >70 120° 10 AC100-277V 50/60Hz ≥0.9
FL-010-AW-NW-S-10 4000K Neutral White 910
FL-010AW-WW-S-10 3000K Warm White 900
FL-020-AW-W-S-10 5000K White 1850 COB 1pcs >70 120° 20 AC100-277V 50/60Hz ≥0.9
FL-020-AW-NW-S-10 4000K Neutral White 1840
FL-020-AW-WW-S-10 3000K Warm White 1800
FL-030-AW-W-S-10 5000K White 2780 COB 1pcs >70 120° 30 AC100-277V 50/60Hz ≥0.9
FL-030-AW-NW-S-10 4000K Neutral White 2740
FL-030-AW-WW-S-10 3000K Warm White 2710
FL-050-AW-W-S-10 5000K White 4650 COB 1pcs >70 120° 50 AC100-277V 50/60Hz ≥0.9
FL-050-AW-NW-S-10 4000K Neutral White 4620
FL-050-AW-WW-S-10 3000K Warm White 4550
FL-070-AW-W-S-10 5000K White 6790 COB 1pcs >70 120° 70 AC100-277V 50/60Hz ≥0.9
FL-070-AW-NW-S-10 4000K Neutral White 6760
FL-070-AW-WW-S-10 3000K Warm White 6660
FL-100-AW-W-S-10 5000K White 9640 COB 2pcs >70 120° 100 AC100-277V 50/60Hz ≥0.9
FL-100-AW-NW-S-10 4000K Neutral White 9580
FL-100-AW-WW-S-10 3000K Warm White 9500

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