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Large Beam Angle IP67 Neon Flex


  • Large beam angle IP68 Neon flex, 200 degree beam angle;
  • Dot-free illumination, side-view version, 11.5*22 dimension;
  • First-class silicon and PVC material;
  • Cuttable, available for single color and RGB;
  • High brightness 5050 type LED;
  • Packed 20m on reel for single color, 15m on reel for RGB;

Technical parameters

Model Leds/m Watt/m Voltage Color Lumens/m FPC WIDTH (mm) CRI IP Grade Min Cut
SC-ESID02-X-24 60 14.4 24V white 410lm 10 80 68 50
Neutral white 380lm
Warm white 350lm
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