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LED Ceiling Light


Ceiling light adopt LED light source,high brigheness, long lifetime, can save energy 80% compared with traditional bulb of the same brightness. Lamp cover adopt PC material, crash-proof,UV-resistant; it won't yellowing after long time using. No mercury,no UV,no IR. No glare, soft light. AC100-277 input voltage, can operate normally in voltage fluctuating range. Light on demand, reach 100% brightness when turn on the light.


  • Long lifetime, exceed 22.8 years based on 3hours per day.;
  • Low and less power consumption, high stability;
  • Adopt microwave sensor control;
  • Lamp cover adopt PC material, impact resistance,anti-aging, hgh light transmittance; high diffusion performance;
  • Uniform light, no dark area, large beam angle;
  • Novel and unique shape design, elegant appearance;
  • Good color rendering performance,to reduce eye fatigue;
  • Cold light source, no thermal radiation,eco-friendly;
  • Operating environment temperature -20 °C ~45°C.
  • Sensor control: Sensingdistance:5m, Sensor angle: 360° , time delay: 60seconds)


Model number Color Light output (lm + 10%) LED Q'ty LED Type Beam angle Power (W) CRI Voltage,Frequency Current PF Diameter (mm)
XD-012-AW-WW-01F Warm White 800 72 SMD2835 105 12 >80 AC100-277V 50/60HZ 0.15A >0.9 230
XD-012-AW-NW-01F Natural white 850
XD-012-AW-W-01F White 850
XD-018-AW-WW-01F Warm White 1260 144 SMD2835 107 18 >80 AC100-277V 50/60HZ 0.20A >0.9 290
XD-018-AW-NW-01F Natural white 1350
XD-018-AW-W-01F White 1350
XD-025-AW-WW-01F Warm White 1750 216 SMD2835 100 25 >80 AC100-277V 50/60HZ 0.28A >0.9 350
XD-025-AW-NW-01F Natural white 1875
XD-025-AW-W-01F White 1875

Main Applications

Suitable for room, corridor, study, balcony, kitchen, etc.
Recommendation: 12W diameter 230mm or 18Wdiameter 290mm ceiling light suitable for kitchen, corridor balcony; 18W diameter 290mm or 25W diameter 350mm ceiling light suitable for study.bedroom.

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