SL8456 LED Linear Light

  • SL8456 LED Linear Light
  • SL8456 LED Linear Light
  • SL8456 LED Linear Light


SL8456 linear light is combination of separated structures, it is conventient to dismantle and maintain because of its replaceable power supply and lightingemitting parts(PCB+LEDs), simple shape and random jointing can be realized IP40 waterproof, it is can be widely used in home, school, shopping mall, hotel and other indoor public placesand it is mainly made of aluminum alloy, PC.

Technical parameters

Model CCT LED Type Lumen(lm) (±10%) Power(W) (±10%) Length (mm) Voltage (V) Dimming optional
SC-SL8456-040-AW-CW 6000-6500K 2835 3780 40W 1200 AC 100-240V 50/60Hz non-Dimming
SC-SL8456-040-AW-NW 3800-4200K 4030
SC-SL8456-040-AW-WW 2800-3200K 3650
SC-SL8456-050-AW-CW 6000-6500K 2835 4640 50W 1500 AC 100-240V 50/60Hz non-Dimming
SC-SL8456-050-AW-NW 3800-4200K 4600
SC-SL8456-050-AW-WW 2800-3200K 4090
SC-SL8456-075-AW-CW 6000-6500K 2835 4640 75W 2400 AC 100-240V 50/60Hz non-Dimming
SC-SL8456-075-AW-NW 3800-4200K 4600
SC-SL8456-075-AW-WW 2800-3200K 4090
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