X Series Square LED Panel Light


LED Square Panel Light can perfectly replace traditional downlight. Using Light Guide Plate, it has the feature of uniform and smooth light beam, low glare rating, low light pollution, and excellent protection from eyestrain. It can be widely used as interior lighting in shops, supermarkets, malls and hospitals, etc


  • Color:cool white(5000-6500K), natural white(3700-4500K), warm white(2700-3200K), other available.
  • Beam angle: 110 Degree
  • Saving energy: 50%
  • Life span more than 36,000Hrs
  • Standard warranty: 3years
  • Follow CE Certified.

Technical parameters

Model CCT LED Type Lumen(lm) (±10%) Lumen(lm) (±10%) Length(mm) Voltage (V)
SC-PSC24CE3030-X18W 5000-6500K 4014 1505lm 18W 300*300 AC 220-240V 50Hz
SC-PSC24NE3030-X18W 3700-4500K 1363lm 18W 300*300
SC-PSC24WE3030-X18W 2700-3200K 1362 lm 18W 300*300
SC-PSC24CE3060-X24W 5000-6500K 4014 2396 lm 24W 300*600 AC 220-240V 50Hz
SC-PSC24NE3060-X24W 3700-4500K 2302 lm 24W 300*600
SC-PSC24WE3060-X24W 2700-3200K 2113lm 24W 300*600
SC-PSC24CE6060-X40W 5000-6500K 4014 3557 lm 40W 600*600 AC 220-240V 50Hz
SC-PSC24NE6060-X40W 3700-4500K 3628 lm 40W 600*600
SC-PSC24WE6060-X40W 2700-3200K 3346 lm 40W 600*600
SC-PSC24CE3012-X40W 5000-6500K 4014 3817 lm 40W 300*1200 AC 220-240V 50Hz
SC-PSC24NE3012-X40W 3700-4500K 3863 lm 40W 300*1200
SC-PSC24WE3012-X40W 2700-3200K 3662 lm 40W 300*1200
SC-PSC24CE6012-X50W 5000-6500K 4014 5177 lm 50W 600*1200 AC 220-240V 50Hz
SC-PSC24NE6012-X50W 3700-4500K 5102 lm 50W 600*1200
SC-PSC24WE6012-X50W 2700-3200K 4880 lm 50W 600*1200
Beam angle PF CRI IP Life span Reflector
110° / > 80 IP40 36000hrs Opal color PS
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