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ST8 LED Tube with External power supply


The LED tube adopts reliable and long lifetime LEDs, soft light, no glare, simple appearance. The shell all adopt high purity aluminum alloy(AL6063) and extrude molding, with electrostatic spraying on surface; via constant temperature curing, strong adhesion on spraying surface, the tube features high lumen, large lighting angle, novel structure,etc.


  • The LED tube is designed with external power supply, convenient to be disassembled and replaced;
  • Adopt high lumen 2835 LEDs, lighting efficiency of whole tube with transparent cover can be up to be 140LM/W;
  • Energy-saving, eco-friendly, no UV, IR or mercury, RoHS compliant;
  • Aluminum profile design, high impact-resistance, excellent thermal management performance, longer lifetime;
  • Transparent or milky lamp cover, high lighting efficiency, uniform luminous surface, no dark spot;
  • The LED tube is designed with external power supply to reduce heat, so LEDs and power supply workin low temperature, high stability of continuous working;
  • Driver can realize tows one, tows two, more convenient to install multiple LED tubes on panel, and reduce qty. of power supply;
  • Can on/of ffrequentyly, no flicker and glare; good CRI;
  • Compact appearance, novel design.the LED tube is packed in round paper tube, convenient to install and transport.

Technical parameters

Type Model number Color Light output (lm + 10%) LED Type Length (cm) Power(W) CRI Voltage LED Q'ty PF
Frosted ST8-009-AW-WW-07F Warm White 1165 SMD2835 60 9 ≥80 AC100-277V 50/60HZ 96 ≥0.9
ST8-009-AW-NW-07F Neutral white 1203
ST8-009-AW-W-07F White 1207
ST8-014-AW-WW-07F Warm White 1887 SMD2835 90 14 ≥80 AC100-277V 50/60HZ 144 ≥0.9
ST8-014-AW-NW-01F Neutral white 1985
ST8-014-AW-W-07F White 1978
ST8-018-AW-WW-07F Warm White 2263 SMD2835 120 18 ≥80 AC100-277V 50/60Hz 192 ≥0.9
ST8-018-AW-NW-07F Neutral white 2291
ST8-018-AW-W-07F White 2335
ST8-022-AW-WW-07F Warm White 3159 SMD2835 150 22 ≥80 AC100-277V 50/60HZ 240 ≥0.9
ST8-022-AW-NW-07F Neutral white 3303
ST8-022-AW-W-07F White 3264
Clear ST8-009-AW-WW-07C Warm white 1259 SMD2835 60 9 ≥80 AC100-277V 50/60HZ 96 ≥0.9
ST8-009-AW-NW-07C Neutral White 1314
ST8-009-AW-W-07C White 1316
ST8-014-AW-WW-07F Warm White 2031 SMD2835 90 14 ≥80 AC100-277V 50/60HZ 144 ≥0.9
ST8-014-AW-NW-01C Neutral white 2096
ST8-014-AW-W-01C White 2173
ST8-018-AW-WW-01C Warm White 2580 SMD2835 120 18 ≥80 AC100-277V 50/60HZ 192 ≥0.9
ST8-018-AW-NW-01C Neutral white 2850
ST8-018-AW-W-01C White 2897
ST8-022-AW-WW-07C Warm White 3473 SMD2835 150 22 ≥80 AC100-277V 50/60HZ 240 ≥0.9
ST8-022-AW-NW-07C Neutral white 3594
ST8-022-AW-W-07C White 3693
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