Wraparound LED Light


  • The product is an ideal substitute for two types of fluorescent lighting fixtures with a high thermal loss in workshops.
  • Lampshade types: transparent or foggy, assembly is quick and easy
  • Two lines of LED lamp beads light a larger space, thus improving consistency and softness of the light
  • The lamp can be suspended or attached to a wall in flexible installation.
  • Optical transparency is 140 lm/W (transparent lampshade), and UL/DLC certification may be applied.
  • The power supply is an isolated power supply and the output is DC36V. There is no risk of electric shock.

Technical parameters

Model Color Lumen LED Type LED Qty Length (m) Voltage Power(W) CRI Lampshade
WD-040-AW-WW-01F White 4000 2835 216 1.2 100-277V AC 40 >80 Milky white
WD-040-AW-NW-01F Neutral White 4300
WD-040-AW-W-01F Warm White 4500
WD-040-AW-WW-01C White 5000 2835 216 1.2 100-277V AC 40 >80 Transparent
WD-040-AW-NW-01C Neutral White 5200
WD-040-AW-W-01C Warm White 5300



Mainly used for lighting in halls, side walls, and entryway in stores, storage rooms, libraries and more.

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