SL5550 LED Linear Trunking System


SL5550 Linear lights are mainly used in areas that require continuous lighting at different illumination angles. The light body has a simple appearance and soft light. With multiple illumination angles to choose from, it is a popular choice in department stores, workshops, supermarkets, warehouses, parking lots and more.


  • Use of aluminum alloy section + PMMA lens, surface powder coating technology, exquisite overall appearance, simple structure, light weight, excellent heat dissipation and optical property.
  • The light body features a split type design. The light body and track use stainless steel 301 Shrapnel for a connection, and it is designed with an auxiliary safety rope, making it convenient to install and dismantle the light and track, and easy to carry out any maintenance.
  • The track features a splicing design, which allows continuous connection. The track is tensioned using spring buckles to achieve a seamless connection.
  • The push type hoisting buckles use stainless steel 301 materials and reverse buckle structure, which allows for a quick installation that is safe and reliable.
  • The inside of the light uses 1.5mm2 multiple-core copper wire and WAGO male and female terminal plug-in connectors to achieve a quick connection among lights. The single phase power and three-phase power may be connected outside of the light. When the voltage is 220V, after the single-phase primary incoming line is connected, the total power may reach 2000W and the total power of three-phase power may reach 6000W after three-phase primary incoming line is connected.

Technical parameters

Model Color Lumen LED Type LED Qty. (pcs) Length (mm) Voltage (V) Power(W) CRI Dimming
(±10%) Optional
SC-SL5550-050-AW-CW White 6000 2835 252 1200 100-277 VAC 50/60Hz 50 >80 non-dimmable
SC-SL5550-050-AW-NW Neutral White 6250
SC-SL5550-050-AW-WW Warm White 5750
SC-SL5550-065-AW-CW White 7800 2835 336 1500 100-277 VAC 50/60Hz 65 >80 non-dimmable
SC-SL5550-065-AW-NW Neutral White 8125
SC-SL5550-065-AW-WW Warm White 7475
SC-SL5550-050-AW-A01-CW White 6000 2835 252 1200 100-277 VAC 50/60Hz 50 >80 0-10V
SC-SL5550-050-AW-A01-NW Neutral White 6250 dimming
SC-SL5550-050-AW-A01-WW Warm White 5750
SC-SL5550-065-AW-A01-CW White 7800 2835 336 1500 100-277 VAC 50/60Hz 65 >80 0-10V
SC-SL5550-065-AW-A01-NW Neutral White 8125 dimming
SC-SL5550-065-AW-A01-WW Warm White 7475
SC-SL5550-050-AW-D01-CW White 6000 2835 252 1200 100-277 VAC 50/60Hz 50 >80 Dali
SC-SL5550-050-AW-D01-NW Neutral White 6250
SC-SL5550-050-AW-D01-WW Warm White 5750
SC-SL5550-065-AW-D01-CW White 7800 2835 336 1500 100-277 VAC 50/60Hz 65 >80 Dali
SC-SL5550-065-AW-D01-NW Neutral White 8125
SC-SL5550-065-AW-D01-WW Warm White 7475



Applicable to large department stores, large workshops, warehouse, parking lots and other sites.

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