Arch-SL Wall Washer

Arch SL wall washer employ SMD low-power LEDs as light source, linear arrangement, uniform light; the lamp body, end cap employ aluminum alloy, and toughened glass cover, wire outlet from bottom; excellent lighting effect, cooling, waterproof, impact-resistant performance. Use extrusion integral lens as light distribution, color change and uniform distribution. Delicate appearance, suitable for small space where wall washer will be intalled.


  • Extrusion aluminum alloy lamp body, excellent cooling performance;
  • Toughened glass cover, durable;
  • Ingress protection up to IP65;
  • 100-240V AC/ constant-voltage 24V DC driver;
  • Employ SMD low-power LEDs; uniform temperature distribution;
  • Overall lens distribution;uniform mixed light;
  • Operating environment-20°-+40°;
  • RoHS and CE compliant;
  • Super-small appearance;it can be merged well into exterior wall;
  • Corrosion-proof grade: W.

Technical parameters

Model CCT/ Waveform length Color Lumen(lm) (±10%) Power (w)  (±10%) Current (TYP) LED qty. Voltage (±5%) Dimension  (mm) LED Type CRI Beam angle
XL-024-D3-W-02 5500-6500K White 1210 24 1A 48pcs DC24V 500 2835 >70 45°
XL-024-D3-NW-02 4000-4500K Neutral white 1200 24 1A 48pcs
XL-024-D3-WW-02 2700-3200K Warm white 950 24 1A 48pcs
XL-024-AW-W-02 5500-6500K White 1210 24 0.4A 48pcs AC 100-240V 50-60Hz
XL-024-AW-NW-02 4000-4500K Neutral white 1200 45 0.4A 48pcs
XL-024-AW-WW-02 2700-3200K Warm white 950 45 0.4A 48pcs
XL-048-D3-W-02 5500-6500K White 2420 45 1.87A 96pcs DC24V 1000
XL-048-D3-NW-02 4000-4500K Neutral white 2400 45 1.87A 96pcs
XL-048-D3-WW-02 2700-3200K Warm white 1900 45 1.87A 96pcs
XL-048-AW-W-02 5500-6500K White 2420 45 0.6A 96pcs AC 100-240V 50-60Hz
XL-048-AW-NW-02 4000-4500K Neutral white 2400 45 0.6A 96pcs
XL-048-AW-WW-02 2700-3200K Warm white 1900 24 0.6A 96pcs
XL-024-D3-RGB-02 / RGB 350 24 1A 48pcs DC24V 500 5730 /
XL-048-D3-RGB-02 / RGB 700 24 1.87A 96pcs 1000
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