LED PIR Flood Light Landy Series


The Landy series floodlight uses high quality 2835 LEDs as the light source, and features a light efficiency of up to 100LM/W. The constant current univoltage driving mode ensures a stable overall performance and efficient lighting, as does a lamp body and end caps made of aluminum alloy materials. The structural design features a high strength and highly efficient reflector in a tempered glass shape, thus ensuring product heat dissipation, water resistance, impact resistance, and other comprehensive performance features.


  • The die casting aluminum alloy lamp body features an excellent heat dissipation, and is firm and durable.
  • The reflector with a tempered glass shape is efficient and saves energy.
  • As it is sealed with glue, the floodlight’s protection grade is IP65.
  • Constant power driving and portable
  • Efficient 2835 light source
  • The power factor is larger than ≥0.9
  • Multiple LED are distributed evenly for light distribution to avoid light spots
  • Applicable environment: -35℃~+ 40℃
  • Conforms to RoHS and CE standards.
  • Protection against electric shock: Category I
  • Corrosion-proof grade: W

Technical parameters

Model Color Lumen LED Type Current (A) Voltage (V) Power CRI Beam angle
(lm±10%) (W±10%)
FL-010-AH-W-L01 White 850 2835 0.06 AC220-240V 10 >80 120°
FL-010-AH-NW-L01 Neutral White 840
FL-010-AH-WW-L01 Warm White 800
FL-020-AH-W-L01 White 1900 2835 0.12 AC220-240V 20 >80 120°
FL-020-AH-NW-L01 Neutral White 1880
FL-020-AH-WW-L01 Warm White 1600
FL-030-AH-W-L01 White 2300 2835 0.18 AC220-240V 30 >80 120°
FL-030-AH-NW-L01 Neutral White 2200
FL-030-AH-WW-L01 Warm White 2000
FL-050-AH-W-L01 White 4750 2835 0.3 AC220-240V 50 >80 120°
FL-050-AH-NW-L01 Neutral White 4700
FL-050-AH-WW-L01 Warm White 4000
FL-100-AH-W-L01 White 9200 2835 0.6 AC220-240V 100 >80 120°
FL-100-AH-NW-L01 Neutral White 9150
FL-100-AH-WW-L01 Warm White 7200
FL-150-AH-W-L01 White 12750 2835 0.85 AC220-240V 150 >80 120°
FL-150-AH-NW-L01 Neutral White 12600
FL-150-AH-WW-L01 Warm White 11700



Widely used in gardens, buildings, advertisements, Industrial lighting and other relevant sites including lighting in parks, squares, yard decoration lighting, advertisements in department stores, underground passages, building external walls, wharfs and ports, construction sites and more.

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