4-in-1 Amplifier


The signal amplifier is applicable to 4-in-1 RGBW controller, When one amplifier is connected, it can bear more ordinary RGB+W+WW LED strips and low voltage RGB+W+WW LED luminaires, and the specific length is according to power of signal amplifer and serial connection limit of LED strip and luminaire; theoretically, Maximum 10 grades signal amplifier can be connected in serial, and multiple amplifier can be connected in parallel on each grade.

Technical parameters

Input voltage Packing dimension: L165*W55*H35mm
Output channels: RGB 4 channels output Weight(gross weight): about 80 gram
Output current: 3A for each channel Carton dimension: L271.5*W224*H173mm
Output power: 144W (12V input)/288W (24V input) Packing qty.: 30 pcs
Waterproof level: IP20 Weight of whole carton: about 2.75Kg
Amplifier dimension: L150*W40*22Hmm
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