36W Dimming Controller


  • Dimming interface: 0-10V DIM/DALI dimming interface;
  • 0-10V analogue dimming, soft, fine and smooth, and the LED CRI won't be changed;
  • Dimming range 0-100%, LED dimming from 0.5%;
  • Wide current, multiple voltage amptitude, match a variety of lamp;


  • Input voltage: AC100-277V
  • Input frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Power factor PF: 0.92
  • Harmonic wave THD: ≤13%(120V), ≤16%(230V)
  • Efficiency: ≥83%, max.power of full load:3 6W
  • Full load surge current of cold start: 16A
  • Output voltage with load: 24-40V, no-load output 42VDC
  • Output current: 0.9A±3%, limited power 36W of constant votage version
  • Working temperature: TC:70℃, TA:-20℃~45℃
  • Storage temperature, humidity: -40℃~+80℃, 10-90%RH
  • Add dialing dimming/dialing switch output constant votage performance

Technical parameters

Model LD-036-AW-01 LD-036-AW-02 LD-036-AW-03
Version 36W (0-10V) constant current dimming version + dialing dimming 36W (0-10V) constant voltage dimming version + dialing switching voltage 36W Dali dimming plate
Input voltage AC 100-277V AC 100-277V AC 100-277V
Output channel Double channels Double channels Double channels
Output current/ voltage CC:1A±3%, voltage with load: 24-40V, dialing switch constant current CV:12V/24V/36V when dialing keys are full ON, that is 36V; when two of dialing keys are ON, that is 24V; when all dialing keys are OFF, that is 12V CC: 1.A±3%; Voltage with load: 24-40V
Output power 36W MAX 36W MAX 36W MAX
Protection grade IP20 IP20 IP20
Match dialing function or not dialing to adjust output constant current Dialing to adjust output constant voltage not
Dimension of dimming controller: L150*W40*H22mm Dimension of outer carton: L271.5*W224*H173mm
Packing dimension: L165*W55*H35mm Packing qty. : 30 pieces
Weight (gross weight): about 140 gram Weight of whole carton: about 4.55 Kg
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