45W Dimming Controller


  • Dimming interface: RF remote control, bluetooth MESH network control, ZIGBEE remote control;
  • PWM dimming, soft, fine and smooth, and the LED CRI won't be changed;
  • Dimming range 0-100%;
  • Wide current, multiple voltage amptitude, match various a variety of lamp;
  • Output short-circuit, over-current, over-temperature protection;
  • Suitable for indoor LED lighting environment. 


  • Max.control distance of remote controller can be up to 50m(in open condition);
  • Smooth surface, feel comfortable;
  • One remote controller can control multiple sets of controller;
  • Realize intelligent full control of whole set of lamp;
  • Control performance of blue APP is stable, which is controlled by MESH network; 
  • ZIGBEE control can realize real-time monitoring, remote operation.

Technical parameters

  • Working voltage: 100-277V(AC)
  • Max.power: 45W
  • Output channel: 1channel/2 channels/3 channels
  • Control type: Monochromatic lamp/neutral warm white lamp/RGB lamp
  • RF frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Receiving sensitivity: -96dBm
  • Transmitted power: 6dBm
  • Control distance: 50m (in open condition)
  • Working environment: indoor
  • Waterproof level: IP20
  • Working temperature range: -30℃-55℃
  • Packing dimension of remote controller: L120*W70*H22mm
  • Packing dimension of controller: L166*W52*H32mm
  • Packing weight of controller PSU: 190g
  • Controller+packing weight of remote controller (gross weight): about 235g
  • Outer carton dimension: 407*304.5*298mm
  • Remote controller+packing qty.of controller: 30 pieces
  • Controller+shipping weight of remote controller (gross weight): about 7.75Kg
  • Remote controller+shipping qty.of controller: 30 pieces
  • Shipping weight (gross weight) of controller: about 6.4Kg
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