2.4G RGB Controller


The controller adopt high performance processor,and control RGB LED strip, RGB luminaires via 2,4 G wireless remote controller. User can choose color, mode and change speed via 2,4G remote controller. The controller features dimming, pause when change, dimmable and other functions (52 color modes, touch slide ring control), and it also has synchronizing function,the color effect between multiple units can be synchronous.


  • Max. control distance of controller can be up to 100m(in open condition);
  • Each remote controller can control multiple controllers, and it has synchronous function.

Technical parameters

  • Working voltage: 12~24V ±5%;
  • Max. current: 3A (single channel) 9A in total;
  • Control color type: RGB;
  • Receiveing sensitivity: -96dBm;
  • Transmitting power: 6dBm;
  • Color mode: 52 kinds;
  • Work environment: indoor;
  • Waterproof grade: IP20;
  • Working temperature range: -30℃-55℃;
  • Product dimension: L99.5*W45*H22.5mm;
  • Packing dimension: L107*W52*H35mm
  • Weight(gross weight): about 105 gram.

Function description of remote controller

  • Remote Control Key Description
    POWER, on/off
    PAUSE, pause during dynamic mode(invalid in static mode)
    MODE+, mode increase
    MODE-, mode decrease
    SPEED+, speed increase (invalid in static mode)
    SPEED-, speed decrease (invalid in static mode)
    BRT+, brightness increase (invalid in dynamic mode)
    BRT-, brightness decrease (invalid in dynamic mode)
  • Remote controller matching steps
    Disconnect controller power;
    Reapply power on controller;
    Press any key of controller to be matched in 5 seconds, and match finish.
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