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2.4G SPI LED Controller


The MINI multicolor LED controller is suitable for RGB multicolor LED strip.Via the controller, color change effect can be controlled; pixel quantity, can be set; speed and brightness can be adjusted.


  • Max. control distance of controller can be up to100m(in open condition);
  • Memory function after power off;
  • One remote controller can control multiple controllers.

Technical parameters

Working voltage: 5-24V DC 60 Change modes
Max. current: 9A Working environment: indoor
Max.power: 45W/108W/216W(5V/12V/24V) Waterproof grade: IP20
Control type : RGB multicolor LED strip Working temperature range: -30 ℃-55℃
RF frequency: 2.4 GHz Product dimension: L99.5*W45*H22.5mm
Receiving sensitivity: -96dBm Packing dimension: L107*W52*H35mm
Transmitted power: 6dBM Weight(gross weight): about 105 gram
Remote-controlled distance: 100m(in open air)
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