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2.4G Wireless Grouping Controller


The controller adopt high performance processor,and control single color LED strip,white strip and warm white strip, RGB strip via 3 touch sliding ring remote controllers of 2.4G. User can choose color, mode and change speed via 2.4G touch sliding ring wireless grouping remote controller; exquisite dimming, no flicker. A remote controller can control multiple sets of controller, and single set controller has synchronous function,can realized synchronous effect.


  • Max. control distance of controller canbeupto100m(inopen condition);
  • Automatic remember current change state;
  • Each remote controller can control multiple controllers

Technical Parameter

Working voltage: 12/24V DC; Working environment: in door
Max. current: 3A*3CH Max.9A; lO.Waterproof grade: IP20;
Max. power: 108W(12V)/216W(24V); working temperature range: -30 °C-55cC;
Wireless transmission frequency : 2.4GHz; lnner box dimension: L210*W140*H24mm;
Receiving sensitivity : -96dBm; Outer carton dimension: 407*304.5*298mm;
Transmitting power: 6dBm; Weightof single piece(gross weight): about 50g;
Control distance: 100m(in open condition); Weight of whole carton: about 8kg;
Change mode: 52 colors(RGB); Qty. Of whote carton: 48 pieces/carton

Dimension (unit:mm)

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