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DMX Controller LC-0DMX Series


Used with 12V/24V RGB, RBBW, WW+W, W strips or lamps, the controller works with at most, 4 output channels, as well as a DMX512 decoder.

Technical Parameters

  • Input voltage: DC 12V/24V
  • Max output power: 108W/216W
  • Output channel: 1/3/4 constant PWM signal output
  • Signal channel: one-way DMX signal input/output
  • IP rating:
    IP65 (LC-0DMX-D4-06-A/B/C)
    IP40 (LC-0DMX-D4-06-D)
  • Controller weight:
    290g/240g (LC-0DMX-D4-06-A/B/C)
    220g/130g (LC-0DMX-D4-06D)
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